Top 5 Best Rechargeable Hearing aids 2022 New Model from Jinghao Medical

What is a rechargeable hearing aid?

Rechargeable hearing aids have built-in batteries that do not require regular removal, compared to hearing aids with traditional disposable batteries. Instead of removing the batteries themselves, you dock your hearing aids each night on a charging unit, similar to how smartphones recharge.
Most rechargeable hearing aids are best-suited for people with degrees of hearing loss ranging from mild to moderate. However, rechargeable “power” hearing aids for people with severe to profound hearing loss are available from JINGHAO MEDICAL.

NO.1 JH-W3 TWS bluetooth BTE hearing aids

The JH-W3 is a self-fittting and customized supported Bluetooth BTE hearing aid, suitable for mild to moderate hearing loss. The JH-W3 has an APP called “smart hearing”. It can be downloaded from Google Play and App Store. The APP controls the hearing aid’s volume, switches modes, and tests your hearing. Bluetooth 5.0 enables the user stream music and make phone call in 20 meters distance. mini portable charging case include anti-bacterial UV lighting and dry case function.

NO.2 JH-A610 prevent feedback mini rechargeable ite hearing aids

The JH-A610 is a mini rechargeable ITE hearing aid that is an award winner of Reddot 2022 because of its remarkable design. The JH-A610 has an in-ear detector infrared sensor to avoid hearing damage from squeal prevent feedback. It will switch on automatically when detected in the ear canal and it turns off once removed. You can adjust the volume easily with a 190-degree big knob. It can be fully charged in 2 hours and can be used for 12 hours. It includes a portable charging case, and you can charge it 3 times. Total usage is for 36 hours.

NO.3 JH-A620 tiny size in ear detection rechargeable ITE hearing aids

JH-A620 is a tiny size device and has ear detection and a rechargeable ITE hearing aid. The JH-A620 is a tiny size rechargeable ITE hearing aid. It weighs 2.7 grams. It has an ear detection function that can avoid the risk of hearing damage from squeal, a very adjustable volume with a 190-degree big knob. NTC temperature monitor automatically turns off the hearing aid when the temperature is over 45 degrees Celsius.

NO.4. JH-D59 Rechargeable BTE Hearing Aid

The JH-D59 is a mini open-fit BTE hearing aid and very comfortable to wear. easy and rechargeable for 2 hours with a portable case for 20 hours working time. easy to use, only 2 buttons, mode button, and volume adjust button, 3 modes include normal mode, noise reduce mode, and telephone mode.

NO.5 JH-A32B Wireless TWS Design Digital Rechargeable Hearing Aids

The JH-A32B is a high-performance fashion TWS design rechargeable digital ITE hearing aid. The JH-A32B has a dual-microphone per ear, it can catch more of the ambient sounds of your surroundings. It has 4 different hearing modes. The digital chips process sound with noise reduction, WDRC, AFC function. It also includes an in-ear detection sensor to prevent feedback. it is a fashion TWS earphone design and is not noticeable when you wear it. its unique design enhances the stability and comfort when wearing it and it keeps from falling when doing strenuous movements.

  • TWS – True Wireless Stereo (TWS) uses Bluetooth signals instead of wires or cables to transfer sound. TWS differs from wireless accessories that do not physically connect to a media source but still rely on physical connections to ensure that multiple parts of a device can function together.
  • WDRC – Wide dynamic range compression, Most non-linear fitting rationales, whether they are independent (DSL I/O, NAL-NL1) or proprietary, will attempt to provide to the patient with sensorineural hearing loss access to the same dynamic range of sound input as is available to the normally hearing person.
  • NTC – An NTC thermistor is a temperature sensor that uses the resistance properties of ceramic/metal composites to measure the temperature. Our full spectrum NTC sensors offer many advantages in temperature sensing including miniature size, excellent long-term stability, high accuracy and precision.
  • AFC – Adaptive feedback cancele . The use of an adaptive feedback canceler (AFC) for howling suppression in hearing aids seems very attractive since it is not only unaffected by the changes in the operating environment, but it also limits signal degradation due to the feedback signal. This, however, requires a reference signal which is correlated with the feedback signal but not with the input signal. In hearing aids, such a signal is hard to obtain.

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