Electronic Thermometer

Electronic thermometers use the definite relationship between the physical parameters of certain substances (such as resistance, voltage, current, etc.) and the ambient temperature to display the body temperature in digital form with clear readings and easy portability.

Affected by the new coronary pneumonia epidemic, the market demand for infrared thermometers has soared. In the critical stage of epidemic prevention and control, there has even been a serious shortage of infrared thermometer market supply. Under the background of this epidemic situation, with years of experience in the field of medical product research and development, choiceMMed Electronics urgently set up a key project to overcome various problems in the development of infrared thermometer products in a short period of time and successfully completed the research and development of infrared thermometers to help prevent epidemics. control.

Its shortcoming is that the accuracy of the displayed value is affected by factors such as electronic components and battery power supply, and it is not as good as the glass thermometer. Electronic thermometer consists of temperature sensor, liquid crystal display, button battery, special integrated circuit and other electronic components. It can quickly and accurately measure human body temperature. Compared with traditional mercury glass thermometer, it has convenient reading, short measurement time and high measurement accuracy. , Can remember and have the advantages of beeping.

Electronic thermometers do not contain mercury and are harmless to the human body and the surrounding environment. They are particularly suitable for use in homes, hospitals and other occasions.

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