Keysight actively promotes the advancement of quantum technology, helping companies and institutions to carry out cutting-edge research

March 5, 2020, Beijing – Keysight (NYSE: KEYS) recently announced that the company has successfully acquired a quantum technology company by expanding university cooperation projects, which will promote the development of quantum computing and quantum engineering. New step. Keysight is a leading technology company dedicated to helping enterprises, service providers and government customers accelerate innovation and create a secure and interconnected world.

Quantum technology has huge potential and will bring earth-shaking changes to computing and communication in all walks of life. The emerging quantum ecosystem will also promote the further development of advanced software and hardware solutions and promote the commercialization of quantum technology.

Through the university cooperation program, Keysight has reached a cooperation with the MIT Quantum Engineering Center, and the two parties are working together to build a new 64-qubit quantum computing laboratory. Keysight’s Quantum Engineering Tool Suite (QET) is an important tool for the laboratory’s test platform. It includes not only outstanding hardware, but also advanced software provided by Labber Quantum, which was recently acquired by Keysight.

Dr. William Oliver, Director of MIT’s Quantum Engineering Center and Head of the University’s Engineering Quantum Systems (EQuS) team/Professor, said: “Keysight’s acquisition of Labber, a start-up company of the MIT EQuS team, is to promote a new generation of quantum technology. Innovation brings exciting new opportunities. EQuS looks forward to using Keysight’s emerging quantum software and hardware solutions to create our new quantum computing test platform.”

Keysight’s quantum solutions product portfolio includes a scalable, high-performance qubit control system. The system works with Labber software to complete tasks such as instrument control, signal generation, qubit calibration, and device testing. By combining these solutions, customers can accurately and efficiently implement quantum algorithms on the emerging quantum platforms.

Satish Dhanasekaran, Senior Vice President and President of the Communications Solutions Business Unit of Keysight, said: “The full cooperation with MIT and the inclusion of Labber Quantum in the Keysight Solutions portfolio fully demonstrate our determination to promote the development of quantum computing. . We are very pleased to be able to support and lead the continuous development of the quantum ecosystem and accelerate the innovation of next-generation computing and connectivity applications.”

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