Handheld ECG Monitor

Portable ECG monitor is an automatic, intelligent and precise instrument. It is a new type of portable digital medical testing equipment used to monitor the dynamic parameters of patients' physical fitness. It is mainly composed of original components such as sensor circuit signal acquisition, signal processing system, recording device, control system, alarm device and display output circuit. It can accurately measure human vital parameters such as cardiac electrical activity, breathing, blood pressure and pulse, and is a medical personnel Provide effective basis for diagnosis, treatment, nursing and rescue.

The Main Function Of Handheld ECG Monitor

  1. Record abnormal changes such as chest pain, chest tightness, dyspnea, and heartbeat at any time to facilitate treatment. In the past, it often took a long time from the onset to the hospital to see a doctor. After the symptoms disappeared, the test was likely to find the cause, which delayed the best time for diagnosis. Using a portable ECG monitor, when symptoms occur, only need to cling to the chest for 30 seconds to record abnormal conditions, and provide the actual ECG to the doctor at the time of the visit, which is very helpful for assisting in the treatment and treatment.
  2. 24-hour dynamic recording, timely recording of abnormal heart moments. The portable ECG monitor is an effective extension and supplement of conventional equipment in the hospital, helping users to fully record the long-term cardiac activity, and any heart discomfort will be monitored in time. When the symptom occurs, the complete data recorded by the device and the special analysis software will be very suitable for doctors to screen for the symptom.
  3. Lightweight bedside monitoring, intimate care throughout. In addition to hospitalization, heart patients need appropriate ECG monitoring equipment to complete real-time monitoring work in rehabilitation and family wards. The portable ECG monitor, with its simple and accurate single-lead monitoring and clear color display, helps heart diseasers to understand the heart condition at any time and avoid accidents.
  4. With the increasing development of wireless communication technology and network technology, ECG long-distance transmission technology has made major breakthroughs. At the beginning of this century, the “integrated” heart mobile phone appeared. Internally, the electrodes on the bottom of the mobile phone contact the chest wall to form a loop to collect ECG signals by hand-held means, and then send the ECG information to the data processing center through the mobile communication network.

The Main Features Of Handheld ECG Monitor

  1. The portable ECG monitor is easy to operate. Hospital monitors usually require professionals to operate, the process is more complicated, and the machine volume is also larger.
  2. It is easy to carry and can be continuously measured 24 hours without obstacles, in order to capture the abnormal waveform of the heart in time. Due to the irregularity of heart disease, timely detection of the condition can achieve the effect of early prevention and early diagnosis and treatment.
  3. Ultra low power consumption. Even when patients are away from home, they can always know their own heart condition. Under battery power, the low power consumption of the system makes the standby time longer.
  4. The portable ECG monitor can be used as a medical Internet of Things terminal instrument to collect human physiological signals and quickly transmit them to the back-end service platform through modern communication technology.

How Does Handheld ECG Monitor Work?

Its working principle is that during the operation, the heart electrical activity is transferred to the processor through the ECG lead wire, the blood pressure is transformed into the electrical signal into the processor through the pressure sensor, and the breathing activity changes the resistance of the chest cavity by exhalation and inhalation The ECG lead and ECG activity are simultaneously transferred to the processor. The processor amplifies the electrical signal from the patient’s body, forms a waveform or digital signal after processing by the microcomputer in the system, and analyzes it according to certain analysis. Give an alarm to the result, and finally output the processed information and result

The Crowd Suitable For Portable Electrocardiogram Monitor

As a brand-new heart detection and self-monitoring device, the portable monitor can record short-term heart abnormalities anytime and anywhere. It is widely suitable for sub-healthy people, especially for coronary heart disease, hypertension, cardiovascular disease, diabetes patients and postoperative patients Health monitoring.

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