Fuji 2MBI50L-120

Fuji 2MBI50L-120 Fuji 2MBI50L-120

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2MBI50L-120 Description

Manufactured by Fuji, this 2-Pack IGBT Transistor module weighs 5.34 lbs. with a collector current of 50A and a collector voltage of 1200V.

2MBI50L-120 features a high speed switching system. This enables the device to consistently function whether being operated on light or on heavy operations. Its unique layout construction and superb insulation are also well-designed to withstand heat caused by chronic application of the device.

Another one-of-a-kind feature is its low saturation voltage. This indicates that 2MBI50L-120 only requires less voltage when being operated under saturation conditions.


2MBI50L-120  5.34 lbs


2MBI50L-120 could be used in Inverter for Motor Drive AC and DC Servo Drive Amplifier Uninterruptible Power Supply Industrial Machines, shch as Welding Machine


High Speed Switching Low Saturation Voltage Voltage Drive Variety of Power Capacity Series

Shunlongwei Inspected Every 2MBI50L-120 Before Ship, All 2MBI50L-120 with 6 months warranty.

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