According to the hairstylist, how to apply coconut oil to the hair

According to the hairstylist, how to apply coconut oil to the hair

We can sing the praises of coconut oil for days. When it comes to the most effective multitasking oil in the game, not many people can compare with its reputation for solving so many diseases. You can use coconut oil to quickly remove makeup, moisturize dry skin, strengthen nail cuticles, whiten teeth, grow eyebrows, and more.

For many years, I have kept a bottle of Trader Joe’s organic virgin coconut oil ($16) nearby. In the process of suffering from severe eczema, I rely on this all-natural oil to soothe my inflamed, dry skin, and have been unable to let it go ever since. 1 I also like to apply it on my lips at night (especially in winter), and then I will have a soft and smooth pout when I wake up.

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Not surprisingly, coconut oil is equally effective for hair. I have naturally curly, textured hair, so coconut oil has saved my dry hair many times. When it comes to natural hair, the biggest problem is year-round dryness. Coconut oil has a super moisturizing and soothing effect on the scalp. According to a review on the health effects of coconut oil published in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition, “Coconut oil products may also help prevent hair damage caused by protein loss and ultraviolet (UV) exposure during the combing process. ; However, more research is needed to confirm this effect.”

However, there is a specific way to apply coconut oil to the hair to make it work best. We call on Nanzi Osaviano, owner of the Salon Nanzi Osaviano in New York City, to fill our hair with coconut oil skills. The next time your lock needs to be restarted, you will want to know this.

Benefits of coconut oil for hair
Among thousands of hypothetical uses, coconut oil has been crowned the beauty ingredient of this century. In addition to the fact that it is so easily available (and obtainable), coconut oil is also rich in healthy omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin E, making it an ideal ingredient for treating dry hair (or skin).

Facts have proved that coconut oil can deeply hydrate your hair. I swear to massage a piece of coconut oil into my roots, all the way to the ends of my naturally curly hair. It leaves a subtle shine and my hair feels moisturized for a long time. But this does not answer the controversial questions surrounding coconut oil and hair growth.

Hair type considerations
Anyone with dry and dehydrated hair can benefit from applying coconut oil. But remember, coconut oil is oily. If your hair is particularly thin or naturally oily, coconut oil may cause your hair to sag, or the oil may further overwhelm your scalp and hair. Our experts agree that those with extremely dry, frizzy or natural hair will benefit most from using coconut oil.

Can you use coconut oil to promote hair growth?
According to Marchbein, coconut oil does not directly affect hair growth, but it may provide benefits that improve overall hair health. “We have all heard of how good coconut oil is for our health, hair and skin. But is it really useful for hair growth? The answer is yes and no,” she said. “There is currently no reliable research linking the use of coconut oil to faster hair growth.”

However, she pointed out that although its effect is different from minoxidil (commonly known as locust), coconut oil can help strengthen the hair and nourish the scalp (as well as reduce oil accumulation). “Coconut oil can help strengthen the hair and nourish the scalp (as well as reduce the accumulation of oil,” she said. “By reducing hair breakage, the hair is less brittle and looks healthier. 3 This may indirectly speed up the length of the hair, because with Over time, fewer breaks may result in longer strands.
How to use coconut oil on hair

cantikcosmetic recommends not to use coconut oil in the morning because it takes time to absorb and your hair will eventually look greasy. “The best time to use coconut oil is at night. It works best on dry hair,” Saviano said. “I recommend heating the coconut oil to liquefy it, and then rub it with your hands to lather at the ends of the hair. You want the coconut oil to be warm (not hot) to open the cuticle of the hair and allow the molecules to penetrate the hair.”

It is best to separate the hair and apply coconut oil to the easy-to-handle parts to ensure that each hair is covered with a layer. Apply more coconut oil to the driest and most damaged areas of the hair (usually at the ends), and apply less to the healthiest areas of the hair (central shaft and scalp area). If your hair is thin or greasy, you can skip the scalp so that the oil will not weigh down your hair.

After applying, let the coconut oil stay on the hair for 20 to 30 minutes. If your hair is very dry or porous, you can keep it longer; some people like to use it as an overnight treatment. To improve the effect, cover the hair with a shower cap, and then wrap it with a hot towel that has just been taken out of the hair dryer, or heat it with a hair dryer for a few minutes to open the stratum corneum and help the oil penetrate deep into the hair.

If you use coconut oil as a hair mask, you need to thoroughly rinse off the oil from your hair after treatment, which may require several rinse cycles. For best results, you need to experiment with the amount of coconut oil used and the time for the oil to penetrate. If coconut oil makes your hair feel heavy or greasy, try to use less coconut oil or wash your hair more at the end of the treatment.

But the mask is not the only way to apply coconut oil to the hair. You can apply a very small amount of it to the ends of your hair after showering, as a comb or daily moisturizer for very dry hair. My favorite thing to do is to use coconut oil for refreshing. On the second or third day of my curly hair styling, when I don’t have time to wash from the beginning, I apply a lot of foam from the root to the tip of the curly hair. The gloss and hydration factors are the next level.

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